How to train your kitten to play without being aggressive?

Watching your little friend running, chasing, jumping and climbing will definitely make you laugh at their antics. It may be a fun time for you but your pet is basically trying to learn means of survival in the world. With young children rough and inappropriate play will impact their behaviour when they become adults. The same is true with kittens. If they learn to play rough then they will behave aggressively and will not be able to adjust to your home.

The solution is to allow your kitten to hone their instinctive behaviour while not encouraging them to behave aggressively towards other people or animals. The basic rule is to not allow them to use their claws or teeth especially during interactions and play. So, if you find them chewing or scratching you then it is time to stop the play and move on to the next game.

A favourable kitten game must encourage their natural urge to climb and hunt. Another important thing to remember is that cats are actual loners. They prefer being alone and isolated most of the time.

So, how can you play without causing aggression problems? Well, the first thing to do is to avoid games that encourage aggressive behaviour. Although rough play is a natural behaviour in kittens you must not behave roughly. As your kitten will view you as a prey or aggressor. If your pet gets too excited then you must have a time out and give them a short break.

The best way to interact and play with your kitten is to provide them with climbing and hiding places. It could be a comfortable perch or a cat tree. Cat towers and scratching posts are best ways to keep your pet exercised and occupied when you are busy. Simple and inexpensive things like paper bags or boxes will encourage their hiding behaviour and will help them enjoy their isolation period. You can play a kitten hide n seek or peek a boo which will be good fun for you and your kitten.

You can also buy your pet simple toys for the two of you to play with. This will help in securing the bond between you and your pet. They need not necessarily be expensive. You can have good fun watching your pet playing with a piece of paper or by throwing them a ball.

Try throwing pieces of kibble at your pet and watch them trying to catch it and eat them as a reward. Throw them a ball and watch them play with it. You can also tie a feather to a string and make them catch it. You can think of more such creative games to play with your pet.

So, an appropriate play without aggression will help your kitten grow into mature, affectionate and well-behaved adults.

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