Why should you give your puppy a massage?

Your pup loves it when you rub her back, scratch behind her ears and pat their head. But do you also know that dogs also love it when you massage them? Well, if you think that massages are only for human indulgence then you could not be more wrong! A good massage relaxes your pet and helps to create a deeper bond between the two of you. There are plenty more benefits!

  • Dogs can get stressed and anxious for a lot of things. It can be due to a loud noise, thunderstorm or another dog. So, a gentle massage will calm them and make them feel comfortable and will relieve their stress.
  • If your pet has an injury then massaging your pet will help them heal faster. But this should be done only after your vet’s approval and only after he demonstrates how it should be done.
  • A relaxing massage will improve blood circulation in their body, reduce blood pressure, strengthens their immune system, helps digestion and deep breathing.
  • Your pet will feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a session of massage.
  • A massage is a great way to spend time and bond with your pet. Once they realise that you are the one making them feel good, your relationship will only strengthen.

How to massage your pet?

A human kind of massage will be too rough on your pet. So, you must use gentle motions will giving them a rub down. Here is how you can give your pet a relaxing massage:

  • Your pet should be in a calm and submissive state before a massage. So, to get them in a relaxed state take them for a long walk before you start your session.
  • Start by gently massaging your dog all over their body. You should talk to them soothingly while you massage them to bring them to a calm state.
  • Massage your dog’s neck in circular motions and with a gentle pressure.
  • Slowly massage down to their shoulders. As they cannot rub their own shoulders they will absolutely love the extra attention they get in that particular area.
  • Come down to their chest and front legs. If they do not like it you can move to a different part of their body. If they do like it then you can massage their paws too. But be careful with the pads as dogs have an ‘kick’ reflex to anything that touches between the pads in their feet.
  • Massage their back in a gentle circular motion and go up and down on both sides of their spine.
  • Gently massage your puppy till their back legs and tail. Once you are done they will feel calm and relaxed.
  • A massage also helps you look out for any health problems in your pet as you will know if there are any bumps or pain in any particular area when you give them regular massages.

So, try massaging your pet and see how they enjoy being pampered!
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