How to naturally improve mobility in senior dogs?

Aging is inevitable. It slows us down and causes aches and pains. Our senior pet requires special care during this stage. Joint pains and stiffness due to inflammation causes arthritis in dogs above seven years. So, mobility becomes a difficult task. You may notice that your pet has slowed down their pace, limps or has an unsteady gait. They may also find it difficult jumping to their bed or taking the stairs.

To counter this problem your vet may prescribe pain relief medicines, nutritional supplements and even physiotherapy. This undoubtedly provides tremendous relief for most pets. But what if you can naturally relieve your pet’s pain and improve your pet’s mobility without resorting to taking medicines with harmful side effects?’

Well, here’s how you can naturally improve your pet’s mobility:

  • Nutrition and supplements – Omega 3 fatty acids work wonders as it reduces inflammation and strengthens the joints. Go for the high-quality ones that have EPA and DHA. Also, ensure that the health supplement has high levels of glucosamine and chondroitin. They support the growth of stronger joints and cartilage.
  • Phytoplankton – Ocean life largely depends on phytoplankton. This plant helps your pet absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins. Phytoplankton found in water sources are a superfood as they are known to have a very high level of omega 3 fatty acids than any other food source. It is easily available in market and comes in a form of a liquid or powder.
  • Massage – A canine massage therapist will soothe your pet’s pain by massaging their affected area and remove spasms in their body. This rhythmic massage will help in blood circulation and encourages the production of endorphins in their body that act as natural pain relievers. Your vet may also teach you the right way of massaging your pet. Regular massages will alleviate the symptoms and encourages movement.
  • Reiki – Reiki is the Japanese method of energy healing. It is based on the principle that life energy runs in every person and any hiccups or block in the energy flow can cause problems and pain. So, a Reiki practitioner places their hands over certain points in the client’s body aiming to guide the essential energy into it. This method works equally well for our elderly pets too.

The best way to improve mobility in your aging pet is to follow a mix of the above mentioned alternative therapies. It is always better to try to look for pain relievers naturally than to depend on strong drugs. But it is good to get your vet’s approval before you follow any of the above tips. Also, remember that your pet needs your understanding, love, affection and patience to get them through this painful phase.

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