10 ‘paw’some pet gadgets your money can buy this year

When we enjoy the best of gadgets and riding the wearables wave, why can’t our pets have some fun with them? In fact, pet care technology has grown so much that there are stuff for almost every need of your canine and feline partners – from feeding treats to sleeping and pooping.

TailsLife presents you a definitive list of 10 awesome inventions (in no particular order) designed specifically for your special pet, which are available off the (online) store shelves. We bet there can’t be anything better that your money could buy your pet than these snazzy gizmos.

Track & Monitor

You might have run from pillar to post, literally, in search of your missing dogs many a time. This Web-connected GPS tracker and monitor is built especially to save you the trouble.

Arguably the most famous among these trackers, Whistle, is a wireless, waterproof device that you can strap on to your pooch’s collar to keep a tab on their movement, activity and rest. What’s more, and you can monitor your dog’s health parameters based on the steps taken in a day as well as the calories it burnt. These kind of devices are available in the price range of $50-$100.

Tag `em

Tag 'em

This device is very similar to a tracker, but offers limited functionality to only track your pets within a restricted zone. An app, Pawscout, alerts you in case your four-legged buddy strays off its defined limits. The tag is linked to the app to enable you to track your pet within a 300-foot radius on a digital map.

As a bonus, you will also be notified if your dog crosses the path of any other Pawscout app user, all at $20.

Feed Smart

smart feeder

Feeding pets when on a long vacation or a short weekend outing is always a nagging worry for many pet parents.

Now, you can leave the chore to SmartFeeder. It is an automatic pet food dispenser which you can manage using your mobile, including modifying feeding schedules in real time. You can also track your pet’s calorie consumption and plan a balanced diet accordingly. All at $199.

Talk, Play & Treat

pet cube

It’s not easy for any pet parent to take their pets along with them everywhere. Fret not! Petcube Camera will come to your rescue.

The $149 device has an interactive pet camera to enable you to see, monitor, talk to, play with and treat your pet remotely from your smartphone.

Stream Live

stream live

Quite similar to Petcube, Furbo has an embedded camera that can be used as a home monitor. It streams live video with a 160-degree wide-angle view.

It lets you talk to your pet through a two-way microphone / speaker combo. Be forewarned that your pet may or may not like the experience, barring when you offer them a treat. The product is available at $249.

Soak ‘n’ Shower

soak n shower

Not every dog relishes the ordeal of water on its fur or soap against its hide. The Bissell BarkBath Portable Dog Bath System brings them closer to the deal of getting soaked and cleaned up.

The device works quite similar to how a wet vacuum removes stains off carpets; only that its nozzle appears to clean more gently than the heavy-duty carpet cleaners. If you are inclined to shampoo your four-legged wonder, you drag the nozzle across its fur, the vacuum then kicks into life and sucks up the residue. The system costs $110.

Autoclean It


You are blessed if your cats can handle their litter boxes well, yet you have to get your hands dirty when it comes to cleaning the mess.

Voila! You can get your cat the PetSafe Scoopfree Self Cleaning Litter Box that scoops waste away within 20 minutes after she gets done with it. The device employs a rake-like mechanism to automatically transfer poop into a hidden compartment. The high-tech litter box would set you off by $130, and a pack of six disposable trays at $90.

Cool Over Stools

Auggie's Stool Tool

Now, over to doggies. Yet again, the issue is the same when it comes to cleaning up the mess after your pet empties its bowels.

If you are really overburdened with the work, you might consider Auggiedog’s Stool Tool. It functions as a poop vacuum that picks up waste from the ground and stores it in an interior receptacle. The device comes at $129.99.

Keep Them Starry-eyed

keep them starry eyed

This is a snazzy amusement tool for your pets. FroliCat Bolt creates a laser play in random patterns, which you can project on floors and walls. The device shuts down after 15 minutes of offering glitzy entertainment to your pet, while ensuring you rest.

Moreover, if your buddy is keen on jumping around in sync with the beams, they might even get a good workout. You can grab yourself one at $20.

Spread Warmth

spread warmth

Are you annoyed finding your living room swathed in your four-legged friend’s fur day in and day out? Then, this self-warming cot might be the way out.

The cot offers dogs and cats the warmth they badly need using a fabric that captures body heat and reflects it to the animal. You can pick up one at $29.97.

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