Can dogs eat ice cream?

Is the sweltering heat of summer getting to you? To beat the heat am sure you will be downing cool sodas apart from indulging on ice cream and other frozen treats and who better to give you company than your furry buddy!

They will enthusiastically lick the ice cream expecting more from you. If you are wondering if ice creams are a safe treat for your pet, then the answer is no. Apart form it being loaded with sugar, they also contain milk and flavours that do not suit dogs.

Why dogs cannot eat ice cream?

Dogs cannot digest milk after they are weaned off during the puppy stage. Ice cream is made out of milk so feeding it to your pet will cause gas, bloating, constipation, vomiting or diarrhea.

Ice cream contains sugar in high quantities so feeding your pet sugary food will lead to weight gain and obesity. It will also set off other health complications.

Ice creams come in various flavours that is dangerous for dogs. For instance, chocolate is toxic for dogs as their bodies cannot process theobromine, a component found in chocolates.

Ice cream is definitely not dangerous when they are given small portions of it as an occasional treat. But for dogs that are obese, have diabetes, allergies or dairy intolerances it can pose a serious problem.

Now that you know that ice creams are not a good dessert for your pet, its time you looked at other healthier options that will not cause digestive upsets to your pet.

Healthy alternatives to ice cream                    

If you want to give your furry buddy a frozen treat to beat the heat this summer, then yogurt is a good option. As yogurt is fermented, it has probiotics and contains less lactose that will go easy on your pet’s stomach. Do not give your pet yogurt that contains sugar. Instead, get them a plain one with no added sugar. You can try making it at home. Some dogs may not be able to digest yogurt. So, give it to your pet only when you know of certain that it suits them.

Apart from this there are other frozen treats and ice creams that are made particularly for our canine buddies which is commercially available. Choose they type that best suits your pet.

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