How much food does my dog need?

You must feed your canine buddy based on their physical appearance rather than how hungry they appear to you. Dogs are often good at compelling you to feed them more food than is required. Generally, you need to feed your canine buddy twice a day and preferably at the same time since they are a creature of routine.

Here are some tips to help you feed the right amount of food to your dog:

  • A physically active dog requires more protein rich food than those that are lazy and lethargic.
  • Small size dogs require high energy and thus need a nutrient rich food.
  • Dogs that are of the same breed and sex and size may need to be fed different amounts of food. As it all depends on the energy level and physical activity of the dog.

The table below will guide you on the amount of food your dog needs to be fed:

Weight of the dog Serving per day
2-3 kg 50-65 gm
4-5 kg 75-100 gm
9-10 kg 130-180 gm
18kg 230-305 gm
27 kg 305-410 gm
36 kg 375-510 gm
45 kg 435-610 gm


This is the ideal amount of food that your dog needs to be fed per day. Since your pet needs to be fed twice a day you need to divide the portion by the amount of serving given in the table above.

You must also keep in mind that you need to feed your dog depending on their physical activity level. You can always consult your vet if you have any queries regarding health and diet plan for your dog.    

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