Make sure your pet’s first aid kit has..

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Good pet parents are always fretting about the safety of their little ones. Being prepared to avoid your pet succumbing to potential danger is the key to safe parenting. Hence, it is necessary to have a first aid kit handy.

Here’s what is required to fill your pet’s first aid box:

  • Wound spray: A quick solution for your pet’s cuts and bruises.
  • Bandage and scissors: To cover your pet’s injuries.
  • Eye wash and ear wash: If your pet scratches his eyes or ears then it would be a good idea to bring it out the pollutant with an eye or ear wash.
  • Dog cone: If your pet has a head injury or stitches, it would be a good idea to cover his head with a cone so that he would not reach the spot with his paws or even lick the area.
  • Muzzle: this would be helpful to prevent the dog from biting or licking his wound. If your dog is aggressive or unfriendly, putting a muzzle will prevent him from harming other people.
  • Leash: a handy tool to keep your dog under your control, so that he does not run away when you are trying to examine his injury.

After ensuring that your pet has had his first aid care, take him to your vet for professional care.

Happy parenting!

Petcare tip by Harshitha
Reference : ceaserway


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