Why is protein necessary for adult cats?

Protein is very necessary for us to enjoy good health and so does your cat. The right serving of protein in your cat food is very important as a surplus or a deficit of it can cause unwanted health problems. So, choose your cat food wisely to give them the right mix of proteins

What do proteins do in the body?

Proteins are the building blocks of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and bones. They also help to build and repair tissues. Proteins are also used to make enzymes, hormones and other chemicals in the body.

You must remember that consuming high protein does not necessarily mean that you will have better health. Protein along with other vitamins, minerals and nutrients are required by the body for it to function efficiently.

How are proteins used?

Proteins are made up of amino acids derived from consuming food and are used to create new proteins or give power to the body to perform various functions. When certain amino acids are not present in your cat’s body then this synthesis cannot happen smoothly. That is why they need to have a well-balanced diet.

The importance of taurine

Taurine is a vital part of protein in cats and a deficiency of it can cause your pet to become very sick. So, it becomes necessary that you feed your pet with food that have the required amount of taurine as cats cannot synthesise sufficient levels of taurine in their body and taurine is easily eliminated through their digestive waste.

The special needs of your cat

Cats share the same traits and nutritional requirements with the other members of the cat family like the lions and tigers. So, cats require more protein than other domestic animals. Kittens and adult cats nursing their younglings require healthy protein level in their daily diet.

Cats need more protein than dogs

Cats require more protein than omnivores like dogs because protein is used by their body for energy and they need more production of amino acids to create building blocks and to provide energy for the body to perform their function effectively.

Cats are hard core carnivores

A cat’s body is designed by nature to consume more protein than carbohydrates that is because they do not have certain digestive enzymes that are commonly seen in omnivores like dogs.

Balancing amino acids from plant and animal sources

As stated earlier cats need amino acids in fuelling their bodily processes. These amino acids can be obtained from both plant and animal sources. So, you need the perfect mix of animal and plant protein that produce the essential amino acids required by their body.

The right cat food should balance the protein and amino acids along with other vitamins and minerals to help them achieve a healthy body. You should consult your vet to find out the special needs of protein and nutrition in your cat and to ensure that you are feeding them a well-balanced meal.

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