Basic kitten training tips

Obedience and disciplining your kitten should begin within their first year or you will be raising a little Hellraiser! Your furry friend will learn good behaviour and good habits if they are taught at an early stage. So, a cat that is trained well during their kitten stage will turn into well behaved and affectionate adult cats. Here are a few basic kitten training tips!

  • Communicate with your kitten – Once you have selected a name for you pet, start calling out the name till he or she learns to respond. A little bit of pampering causes no harm so cuddle them to your heart’s content till they feel secure and loved. Sometimes they will misbehave and not respond to you. Do not lose your patience then but reprimand them gently.
  • Handle bad behaviour – Your kitten misbehaves because they are bored and want to play. You must take time off your busy schedule to play with your furry buddy. If you are too tied up with work then get them some cat toys or a scratching post that will keep them occupied. If they misbehave during playtime then a loud ‘no’ will stop them. You can try clapping your hands to get their attention.
  • Claws and scratching – The first thing to do before you bring home a kitten is to kitten proof your home. As they are prone to scratch and claw at your furniture, you need to be smarter and redirect their attention to a scratching post or a toy. You can protect your furniture by applying a cat scratch furniture spray that is easily available in the market.
  • Litter box training – Usually most kittens will learn how to use the litter box if they have spent the first few weeks of their life with their mother and litter mates. If they have not then you can help them by placing them in the litter box once in every hour or so. They may get a fright the first time you place them on it. Calm them down, be gentle and patient and praise them once they learn to use the box. Reward them when they are successful in using it. You need to be careful while choosing a litter box for your kitten, so make sure you get them a box with low sides for them to easily get into and out of by themselves.

Once your pet follows the above tips they can easily step into the next stage of growth smoothly. Never forget to praise or reward them each time they show good behaviour. You can always contact your vet for their professional advice.

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