How to treat fleas in cats?

Fleas are a menace. They are those abrasive creatures that cause skin problems for your feline friend. If your pet is scratching repeatedly or is excessively grooming themselves, it is most likely caused by the presence of fleas.

The most commonly found flea in cats are known as the cat flea or Ctenocephalides felis. Undoubtedly, flea bites are itchy for all cats and some can even develop an allergic reaction to it. If that is the case then you can easily spot scabs or red sores on their skin. So, it is strongly advisable to groom your pet’s coat regularly as you can keep a check on these pesky parasites and can immediately treat it.

Cat fleas are usually dark brown in colour and are 1 to 2 mm long. You will be able to find them anywhere in your home and mostly as a speck of dirt on your cat’s fur while grooming. Fleas generally thrive on hot and humid environment and summer is when they are seen feasting on your pet’s coat. But this does not mean that you need to be careful only during summer. Cats need overall care and protection against fleas throughout the year.

How to treat or prevent flea infestation?

Before you use any over the counter products it is better you get them approved by your vet before using it on your pet. When you start your treatment, you need to be aware that you need to treat your house as well as your cat. Flea control products will effectively kill the most persistent fleas and cleaning your house simultaneously will stop the eggs developing into adults.

This also means that you need to regularly clean the carpets, furnishings as well as your pet’s bed and toys. You can use flea sprays while cleaning your home. Also, exposing your pet’s items to sunlight is a must.

Apart from this there are also other forms of treatment that can be applied externally on your pet’s skin and coat.

  • Powders – Flea powders are easily available in market. In order for it to be effective it needs to remain on your pet’s coat and can unfortunately cause an illness if it is inhaled or swallowed by your pet.
  • Sprays – Sprays also can be quite effective in treating fleas but the noise of the spray can scare nervous cats. Sprays can also be used on kittens.
  • Collars – Collars work well for cats who love being outdoors. Make sure you use the kind that is recommended by your vet and that gives your cat a full body coverage.
  • Spot-ons – Spot-ons are the most effective way of treating fleas. It is a small bottle of liquid which needs to be applied on the flea affected areas in your pet’s body. It immediately kills the fleas and eggs. There are plenty of brands available so use the one that is specially recommended by your vet.

There are couple of treatments that can be done to effectively treat fleas internally through medicines and should be prescribed by your vet.

Internal treatment                                                              

Medicines – Oral treatment of fleas are available through tablets and liquids which when absorbed by the body will kill the fleas when they bite.

Injections – Injections can be administered to your pet and works efficiently by killing the development of eggs. But you need to use this along with an external treatment.

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