How to treat ticks in cats?

Ticks are a bothersome parasite that bite your pet’s skin and suck their blood. They fill their bodies by feasting on your pet’s blood. Ticks that are in the process of feeding will appear tiny, have eight legs and will be either black, brown, red or tan in colour. Once they have a good fill of blood from your pet they will appear as big as the size of a pea!

How to spot ticks on my cat?

Once they swell up in size they can be easily spotted as they will look like small warts and you can see their legs. They are usually found around your cat’s head and neck region. While checking your cat for ticks you need to gently part their fur with your hands and run your fingers around their skin. Tick bites usually cause redness and irritation.

How to treat ticks in my cat?     

You must be careful while pulling a tick from your cat’s skin as you may leave the mouth part behind while successfully pulling out their head and legs. Leaving the mouth part behind will cause an inflammation or infection. So, instead of pulling the tick out you must use a tick removal tool that will help you to effectively remove the mouth part as well. Your vet will help you figure how to use it.

Most of the flea products will also help to kill ticks and provide protection against them. You need to apply them on your pet regularly. It is also a good idea to take your vet’s advice on the best tick control products for your pet.

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