How to calm a hyper dog?

Is your dog always excited? Do they jump and bark at people they see regularly? You must be tired of apologetically stating that you have an uncontrollable hyperactive dog! Hyperactivity is not breed oriented or genetically inherited. It is a psychological problem. So, in order to understand the issue, you need to closely examine the way you interact with your pet and their daily activities.

Here are a few tips to help you calm your hyper dog.

Ignore their hyper behaviour

Dogs love being the centre of attention. By addressing their hyper behaviour, you will only increase the problem. So, the best thing to do is to ignore them during this phase. The next time your dog gets excited and nips and scratches you, ignore them. Do not touch them, talk to them or maintain eye contact. Once you do this your dog will calmly settle down.

Give your dog a task

Your dog is mostly hyper due to boredom and lack of stimulation. So, once you keep their mind occupied they will automatically become calm. By giving your dog a task to accomplish you are redirecting their negative hyperactive behaviour and focussing their attention towards positive energy. Taking them for long walks and playing outdoors with them is definitely a good idea.

Go for a walk with your pet to redirect their high energy

Exercise is a sure-fire way to calm down an overly excited dog. Long brisk walks are the best way to redirect your pet’s energy to the right place. Once the high energy has been burnt your pet will be easy to handle and nicely exhausted. When their boredom and frustration has disappeared, they will become more calm and relaxed.

Check your energy

You should keep in mind that your dog can sense any positive and negative vibration from you. So, if you are calm and quietly assertive they will be easy to handle. If you are stressed, tensed or anxious your pet will automatically pick up your energy and will appear agitated and over excited. Try to be a confident pack leader with oodles of positive energy, your pet will automatically become calm and relaxed.

If you are still having problems with your hyperactive pet then you can always contact your vet or a trainer for their professional advice.

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