These toys will never make Fido a dull boy

Most dogs relish their play time more than anything else. Right from puppies to adult dogs love to be engaged through toys, either to beat boredom or to keep themselves busy and entertained.

Dog toys are aplenty at pet stores in India and we reckon that you will be spoilt for choice on your next visit. As with dogs, their toys also vary in size, shape and the purpose they serve. Every toy won’t satisfy the needs of all pooches.

Here, we have covered the most popular types of toys that almost every dog, irrespective of breed, age or size, would love to put their paws or jaws on.

Treat dispensing toys                

This kind of toys will keep your dog engaged for long periods, even running into hours, while keeping their tummies full. When you visit a store to pick one, make sure that it is made of high-quality rubber to withstand any wear and tear.

Treat dispensing toys also entertain your four-legged friend like no other toy can. Take, for example, the Kong Wobbler. It can resist extreme wear and comes in a variety of sizes and sturdiness for puppies to senior-aged dogs.

You can fill this toy with frozen peanut butter mixed with kibbles for long hot days, or use it to keep dogs entertained for a few hours during the workday.

Dog chews

When your puppy grows, it develops a natural tendency to chew everything within their reach. Certain rawhide bones and other edible chews available in the market pose high choking and blockage risk to your dogs.

If you pick the right chew, however, it leads to amazing results, including vigorous teeth cleaning and gum massage that keep your dog’s mouth hygienic. They also serve as a good entertainment tool for your furry friend.

Some dogs really like Nylabone chew toys, which are basically a strong nylon dog bone which will help maintain your dog’s dental hygiene. It lets you choose based on  different age groups, sizes and chewing styles of dogs.


Frisbees are fetch and fun toys for your dear mates very similar to the ones we humans play with. It also is an exercise tool to ensure a dog’s health and well-being. The general thumb rule with dog frisbees is: never let them chew it or play alone with it.

Although priced on the higher side, the Chuckit! Flying Squirrel is a great alternative to a regular frisbee, and is perfect for active dogs who need to burn calories and gain better strength.

It comes with raised sides, so your pup or adult dog can easily pick it up or float in water. Gentle on the teeth of canines, the frisbee features a glow-in-the-dark colouring for night play.

Tennis balls

As in the case of humans, tennis balls encourage exercise and playtime among dogs. There are newer models that come with squeakers as well to keep your pet more amused.

Kong’s tennis balls are made of non-toxic and non-abrasive material that won’t break down your dog’s teeth. They can stay afloat when thrown into water and their erratic bouncing keeps your dog engaged.

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