Why does my puppy itch?

Itching in puppies is enough to have new pet parents fearing a flea infestation and rushing to the vet for immediate treatment. Yet, not every puppy scratches themselves because of fleas. Itching is common in puppies. Maybe they could be getting used to a collar or maybe it is their skin causing them dryness and the urge to itch.

Here are a couple of reasons why puppies itch:

  • Fleas – This the biggest worry for most pet parents. Fleas are usually visible to us as they move around easily on your dog’s coat. They usually like to hide at the end of the tail, belly, ears and paws and leave a trail of ‘flea dirt’. So, you need to bathe your pup with shampoo that works efficiently in killing fleas and follow it up with a flea spray. Contact your vet for an effective flea control plan.
  • Mange – Mange are of two types – Sarcoptic and Demodectic. Sarcoptic is very contagious to humans and other animals. It causes severe itching. Demodectic, on the other hand, is not very itchy or contagious. Dogs are predisposed to have mites easily multiply in their skin. Your vet will be able to diagnose the condition and will start you on effective treatment.
  • Ear mites – Ear mites can be one the causes for your pet to have itchy ears. Small mites have the ability to live and feed on your pup’s ears causing them a lot of distress. Your vet will be able to figure the problem with the help of a microscope or an otoscope. If it is not ear mites then a yeast or a bacterial infection is the most probable cause for itching in your dog’s ears.
  • Dry skin – Sometimes it could be the type of skin, nutritional deficiency or the environment. It is very common for pups to have dry and flaky skin or dandruff. But, your pet still needs to be examined by your vet to rule out skin infection. Sometimes it could also be due to the presence of lice or Cheyletiella which is also called as the ‘walking dandruff’. These are bugs that appear like dandruff but move around and cause itching in your pet. So, contact your vet if you notice the problem in your pet.
  • Puppy Pyoderma – They appear like pimples on your dog’s skin especially in the groin area. They are commonly seen in puppies and are not a source of concern until they multiply in number. They usually go away once your pup’s immune system develops. But, it is best to have them professionally checked by the vet just to be on the safe side.

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