‘Home boarding families are pet loving families like yours and mine’

As a part of our talk series with exemplary Indian pet care professionals and experts, TailsLife caught up with Anand Vishwanath, founder of Anvis Inc. You would be familiar with Mr Vishwanath if you ever had to get your pet translocated to an overseas destination.

He has traversed continents passionately over the past few years to fulfill the pet relocation requests of pet owners. Apart from pet relocation, Anvis also specialises in dog walking, pet boarding, pet sitting, foster homes, and canine behaviour training.

In the second part of the interview, Mr Vishwanath explains about home boarding services for your four-legged companions.

TL: What is home boarding?

AV: Home Boarding is an alternative boarding option of leaving your pet at a home of another pet loving family/couple/individual either on a short-term (Day care) or long-term basis while you are travelling or at work.

TL: When do pet parents need a home boarding service?

AV: It is recommended to use a home boarding service as an alternative to the regular kennel boarding when you need someone to care for your pets while travelling or at work. It’s a lot less stressful for your pets, since they would be at another home as opposed to a kennel.

TL: Who will home board one’s pet?

AV: The people who offer home boarding are all pet loving families/couples/individuals, who may or may not own pets. They are willing to look after one or maximum two pets at their own homes on a daily basis or a short-term period.

TL: What could be the duration of the service?

AV: The duration can be short term – like just one day – or long term – for a few months. This is entirely dependent on the understanding between you and the boarding family.

TL: How safe is it?

AV: Home boarding families are pet loving families like yours and mine. It is just that they would like to house another pet for a limited period of time. The risks involved with leaving it in a home boarding is the same as it is at your very home. Home boarding families are also thoroughly verified before they are uploaded on our website/app.

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