7 Ways your cat shows affection

Cats are aloof. They rarely show affection and are unemotional. As a cat parent I am sure you would never agree with this myth. I bet you know how your cat particularly showers you with their love and gratitude. In fact, cats show affection towards their caregivers by using their body language, posture and vocalizations.

Cats unlike dogs do not wag their tails and slobber you with wet kisses. They are subtler as they quietly signal you their affection. Here is how!

  • Cats show affection through their eyes – If your cat looks at you through their half-closed eyes or are blinking its something like them blowing you a kiss. You can in turn return the gesture by blinking your eyes as well!
  • Cats show affection through their tails – Tail position in cats helps us to understand their feelings of fear, aggression and even affection. So, if your pet is wrapping their tail around you and when their tail is fluffed up at the base and is slightly quivering it means they are expressing their affection.
  • Cats show affection through cheek rubs – Cheek rub is the way cats greet the ones they trust and feel secure with. Cheek rubs also encourage socialisation. Interestingly, cats have scent glands in their cheeks which produce pheromones. In addition to showing their loved ones affection, cats rub cheeks to mark their ownership and to spread their scent to whom they are close to.
  • Cats show affection through head bunting – If your cat bumps their head on you it means they are showing their affection. It is a social behaviour that encourages marking and mixing of their scent with yours. It’s a sign of trust and friendship and head bunting surely means the proclamation of ownership!
  • Cats show affection vocally – Soft purrs, meows and chirps are ways in which cats express their affection. Cats definitely have special sounds that they express to only their favourite people. So, when your pet softly purrs at you while touching you with light kisses, paw or tail it means that they are feeling safe, secure and happy with you.
  • Cats show affection through grooming – Cats that are attached to another usually groom each other as this behaviour helps them to relax, encourage trust and friendship among their community. Cats also groom their human caregivers and friends to show their affinity with them.
  • Cats show their affection by hanging out with you – Cats love to be around people whom they feel safe and secure with. They may sit in a position that makes a part of their body touch you. Although, they may not sit on your lap they will still express their affection by sticking close to you. They may simply tag along with you wherever you go.

So, you see cats are not the cold creature that most people think they are. They express their feelings of love, trust and friendship by blending body language, posture and vocalisations. They have their own special way of showing love towards their human family!

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