My cat has hot ears! Is he sick?

Picture this – You are sitting on the couch with your cat and idly fondling their ears. It is then that you feel that their ears are hot and you get worried. You start thinking if they have fever or a serious infection.

Put your mind to rest and breathe easy. Cats are naturally hot. Their normal body temperature is a few degrees hotter than a human’s. So, anything up to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit is normal in cats.

Is it normal if a cat’s ears are hot?

A cat’s ears temperature usually fluctuates depending on their surroundings. This is also quite normal. Cat’s ears are thin and do not have fur and are easily exposed to the elements as they are not protected either by fur or body fat. The same applies to their nose.

During warm climate, vasodilation increases the blood flow to these areas to release excess heat from the body. During cold climate, the opposite occurs where vasoconstriction helps to conserve heat in their body.

Do warm cat ears mean that they have fever?

Even if your cat suffers from standard fever from 103.5 degrees Fahrenheit, it is not really a cause for concern. The increase in heat that their body experiences during fever is their body’s natural way of fighting infection causing virus or bacteria. It gives a boost to their immune system to fight diseases.

An important fact to note is that a cat suffering from fever will choose to isolate themselves in a cool place and will not be curled up in your lap.

If you are concerned about your cat’s temperature then feel their stomach and underarms. If that is also hot then they could be suffering from fever. As a cat with fever will experience a raised temperature evenly across their body. Seek immediate help from the vet if you notice no change in their condition for the next two days. Other symptoms like change in appetite, lethargy and restlessness will be evident. They will require swift medical intervention in this case.

Do not panic if your cat ears are hot

Your cat’s ears are truly amazing. They are heavily muscled despite their delicate appearance and each ear can move and turn independently. We also learnt that a cat’s ear temperature depends on their surroundings. Their ears can be warm for a whole hour and turn cool the very next hour!

You can always contact your vet for further professional advice.

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