Why does my cat hide?

Neha is worried about her cat. Her cat Pasha always hides under the table or the sofa and any amount of coaxing doesn’t seem to bring him out. Pasha is a new addition to their home and no doubt needs time to adjust to his new surroundings. Neha expected her cat to be the kind that welcomes her home by pawing and licking her and she never expected her cat to be this aloof!

The first thing that every cat parent must understand is that cats are fiercely independent and not very social and affectionate. They will obviously love you in their own special way its just that they do not wear their heart on their sleeve!

Why do cats hide?

Most of the time your cat will sneak into their hideaway place for a nap, which they do quite a lot throughout the day. There maybe also other reasons for your cat’s reclusive behaviour.


A new cat in the household will be shy as they may feel uncomfortable in their new home and with their new parents. If they come from a disturbing and abusive environment, it may take quite sometime for them to adjust to their new home and will test your patience and perseverance in helping them to relax in their new home and establish a positive relationship with you.

Separation Anxiety

It is possible that a cat may miss its owner to an extent that they feel stressed and will hide under the bed or bookcase. With a little time, patience and training you can coax your kitty to come out of their hiding place and receive affection from you.


Maybe your pet is in the mood to play peek-a-boo or hide and seek. It is quite common for a cat to suddenly jump and grab at your legs when you go past their hiding place. They just want to play. So, indulge them by setting aside some time just to play with your feline friend.

Nap time

Your cat will choose a quiet and secluded place for them to feel comfortable, relax and to pass long hours sleeping. It is more of a preservation instinct as they may feel safe from predators or anyone else who may want to disturb them during their sleep time.


A bored and lonely cat will want to hide. If they are left alone for a long time with no one to show affection, play or cuddle them then they will turn anti-social and will shy away from human touch. So, you need to interact with your cat for them to be emotionally strong and form a strong bond between the two of you.

When should I worry?

Since hiding is quite an ordinary behaviour in cats you should not be alarmed at this behaviour unless you notice any other unusual behaviour such as,

  • Loss of appetite
  • Changes in their litter box habits
  • Unusual aggressive behaviour

Stress, fear and medical conditions are the main causes for the above mentioned behaviour. So, it is a good idea to seek advice from the vet.

Any changes in your home can cause tension and stress in your pet. So, ensure that they are given enough care, attention and affection. You must slowly understand the characteristics of your cat for you to know when they are being particularly worrisome and when they need a quick snooze or a snuggle.

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