Can you feed bony fish to your cat?

Cats seem to eat fish with consummate ease, unlike their human masters. Not even bones deter them from savouring their delicacy, raw or cooked, whereas we struggle to separate the wheat from the chaff.

There are lots of pet parents that feed their cats fish, but always much to their consternation. They invariably are worried about fish bones. You wouldn’t wish a fish bone stuck in your cat’s throat, which might necessitate a visit to the vet, would you?

Fish is considered to be a wholesome meal option and feeding the entire fish is ideal for your cat. If the fish is fed raw, bones should not be an issue. The bones of fresh whole fish would not have been exposed to oxygen as long as the cooked one. The lack of oxidation ensures that the bones are softer and easier for cats to crush them and consume.

But then, certain bones in cooked meat, such as those in fish and chicken, can splinter and cause injury to the oesophagus. It is better to remove cooked fish bones before serving, as they may damage or obstruct your cat’s throat or gastrointestinal tract. At the same time, most cats have no issues with eating bones, and even if they get stuck, they regurgitate.

When you feed fish that is size appropriate, fish bones are less likely to cause a problem because the fish bones are too small to get stuck in the first place. So, you may start feeding with smaller fish. Their bones will be tiny and supple enough for good digestion.

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