Four places your cat loves to be petted

Cats are precocious creatures who are choosy about people petting them. It is in their nature to be wary of predators. So, one wrong touch and you would be in for some heavy scratching and bites. As a cat parent you would be wary of your feline pal and have a fair idea where to pet them.

Basically, cats love to be petted in areas that have their scent glands. So, when your pet rubs you with his chin and head they are spreading their scent on you which makes them feel more secure and comfortable in their surrounding.

The one part which you must absolutely stay away from is the belly. Since cats are aware that they can be the predator as well as the prey, their first instinct is to protect their vital organs that are located around the belly region. So, when touched they retaliate by hissing, showing their teeth and clawing.

There are however four areas that your pet would love to be patted and will make them feel secure and contented:

  • Chin: If you rub your cat at the base of the chin you will get them to purr for you.
  • Ears: If you gently pat your cat’s ears they will immediately bump their head against you which is known as ‘bunting’ as they mark you with their scent making you their own.
  • Cheeks: If you touch their cheeks, they will love the caress and rotate their whiskers forward asking for more.
  • Tail:They will love to be caressed from their back to their tail. They like to be touched from the head to the tail and not in the reverse.

Cuddling and petting your pet will only strengthen your bond and marks the start of a lovely relationship!  

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