5 ways to help your senior cat live longer

Age is your senior cat’s biggest enemy. It slows them down physically and mentally and they require special care during this phase of life. It is your duty as a pet parent to make old age as comfortable as possible for your senior pal.

You can help your pet live longer and healthier through these 5 ways:

  • Check the ingredients in your cat food: Avoid food that have high amounts of protein and phosphorus as this would harm cats with chronic kidney disease.
  • Control obesity: Your cat’s weight must be frequently monitored once they are predisposed to obesity. Keep them well exercised and give them low fat diet food.
  • Schedule regular check ups with the vet: Get your pet checked by the vet every 6 months. Ensure they get all the vaccinations done.
  • Watch out for these signs: Frequent urination, increased thirst could be a sign of kidney disease or diabetes. You must also monitor your pet’s stool for any change in appearance, smell or signs of blood. Contact your vet immediately if you notice these signs.
  • Exercise your pet: Engage your pet in active play by getting them interesting toys, cat trees or scratching posts which will help them stretch their muscles and keep their body well toned.   


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