What to do when your senior cat does not eat?

It is always a cause for worry when your once active cat with a voracious appetite turns away from the sight of their favourite meal! You probably would have tried a couple of things to tempt them like mixing tuna juice in their food, warming it slightly before serving or even mixing a spoon of wet food or a meat broth to their dry food. Still, if your pet refuses to eat then you have a difficult problem in your hands!

Here’s how to help your elderly pal.

  • The first thing you need to do is to make sure that your pet is checked by your vet to rule out any underlying health problems. This is very important as decreased appetite is usually caused by certain diseases or pain and definitely when your pet skips meals for more than a day.
  • You may have heard that variety is the spice of life. Well, the same holds true for your elderly buddy! They could be bored of eating the same flavour of food every day. So, try experimenting with different flavours of the same brand of food. They may actually welcome the change.
  • No one likes to eat cold food especially your elderly feline friend. To make them more receptive to their food you need to warm it up to room temperature. Once it is heated then the smell of the food will attract your pet towards it.
  • To make the food tastier you can add a little extra meat or fish chunks. If it is a dry food then you can add a spoon of wet food to it or a ladle of meat broth.
  • Nobody likes to eat from a dirty plate, especially the ones that are not washed well. So, if your cat eats canned food regularly then there is a higher risk of germs that can grow and multiply on a bowl with leftover food. Also, cats know instinctively if the meat is stale or fresh. They usually stay away form stale or fowl smelling meat. It is better that you keep a steel bowl for them as it is easier to clean.
  • You need to stop hiding their pills in their food. This will make them associate a bitter taste with their favourite food and will stop eating it for good. So, it is better you find ways of giving it to them separately. Your vet will be able to help you.

Next time your cat turns away from their food remember that they are just like us. They need variety in their food and the constant boosting of their taste buds. You can always contact your vet for their professional advice.

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