Can you make your dog sick?

As pet parents there are multiple things that you probably share with your pet apart from love and affection. It could be a favourite couch, bed, blanket or a snack. But the most abhorrent thing we all share with our pets are germs and infection. Your canine buddy can transmit a wide range of diseases to you in a process known as zoonosis.

With the rapid spread of animal related diseases like bird flu and swine flu, we are well aware of the seriousness of such conditions. But did you know that your pet can also fall prey to diseases passed on from you? Yes, we can make our dogs sick as well!

So, here are a few diseases you can pass on to your pet and some that you cannot.


Mumps is a contagious viral disease in humans. Its symptoms include muscle pain, lethargy, headache, fever and a painful swelling of the salivary glands at the sides of the face. Mumps can occur at any age but can be controlled by vaccination.

Though very rare, dogs can get sick right after being exposed to an infected person. They may have fever, poor appetite and swelling of salivary glands below their ears. Take your pet to the vet immediately if you notice the above symptoms in your pet. Dogs may take at least five to ten days to recover from a mumps related infection.


Ringworm is a skin infection that affects not only humans but also our pets. Ringworm in not caused as a result of a parasite or a worm but is a fungal infection. Ringworms in humans usually causes itchiness and round rashes. In dogs, it may cause round patches of hair loss that may or may not cause itchiness. Ringworm can be passed on through direct contact with an infected person or through contaminated objects like brushes or towels.

Your vet will probably put your pet on antifungal medications once they are diagnosed with ringworms. So, it is best that you cover the infected area of skin to protect your pet from succumbing to the infection.


Salmonella is usually the culprit for food poisoning. It causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, headaches and stomach cramps in dogs and humans. But dogs are more resistant to the disease as opposed to humans. It is always better to practice safe precautions if any family member is afflicted with this condition.

So, practice good hygiene to protect your pet from the disease. Ensure you keep the bathroom doors locked and dustbins away from your pet’s reach.

Common cold and flu

Humans and dogs are capable of getting symptoms of cold and flu but the chances of humans passing it on to their pets is relatively slim. Colds in both dogs and humans recede and go away on their own but if the symptoms turn worse then it needs swift medical treatment.

Flu cannot be passed from humans to animals but they can get slight symptoms which is very rare infact. So, if you feel miserable that you need to keep your distance from other members of your family, be happy that you can still cuddle your furry buddy! You probably can do the same for them as well when they are unwell.

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