Why human food must be added to your dog’s daily diet?

It is a universal truth that about 96 percent of pet owners across the globe feed their pet readily available dried commercial food. Most of them do not want to make the extra effort of cooking something fresh and healthy for their pet or do not have the time or patience to look for the right kind of food for their pet.

The benefits of feeding fresh human food is something that majority of people would not would not even consider. Thanks to the popular rumour that has been floating since forever, that is to not feed your pet table scraps.

This rumour goes way back in time to the 1960s, since the invention of processed pet food. The public were since then warned about the supposed dangers of feeding their pet human food and painted a glowing picture about the positive impact of processed pet food.

The rumour seems to be working even now as people still firmly believe that processed pet food is the key to good health.

Is it good to offer your pet only dried kibble?

With the rise of obesity, diabetes and cancer cases in dogs, the leading cause of it seems to be the food they eat. Which is mostly dried kibble. A 2005 study done at Purdue University, USA, on Scottish Terriers showed that including fresh vegetables to a dry commercial food slowed down or prevented the development of bladder cancer.

In this study, the dogs consumed a diet of dry commercial food along with a mix of different vegetables, three times a week.

The result of the study was quite astounding:

Dogs that ate green vegetables like spinach or beans had reduced risk of developing bladder cancer and dogs that ate yellow or orange vegetables like carrots or pumpkin further lowered the risk of succumbing to cancer.

Therefore, consuming fresh vegetables are the best weapons that your pet can ever use to combat the big C.

Balance is very important factor in food. An ideal dog food must contain the right mix of meat protein, vegetables and grains.

A good quality dog food must be human grade or have ingredients that is edible for humans. After all, you are what you eat. So, you might as well ensure your pet eats healthy to stay healthy!

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