Which is better: the regular dog leash or the retractable leash?

Our canine friends have been unfailingly standing right by our side with the aide of a leash, since time immemorial. With the changing times the humble leash now comes in different styles and format. If you are wondering which kind of leash to choose for your pet then here is all that you need to know.

There are two types of leashes; the classic leash and the retractable one. The idea of the two kinds of leash are the same, they allow your dog to get around places and have similar form of control mechanism. But how far can you go with each of them is the one you need to decide upon.

Classic leash              

The traditional leash is a rope that is made of nylon or leather. It comes with a looped handle at one end and the collar clip at the other. It has a determined length and does not allow your dog to run free within its bounds.

Retractable leash

The retractable leash is a leash which has a spooled line that is stored in a handle. They extend anywhere from 10 to 25 feet. It usually has an in-built locking button to stop your pet from wandering further than you want them to. You will not be able to pull your dog closer to you but the line remains taut enough for them while they explore their surrounding areas.

Retractable leashes work well only if you like to give your pet freedom to explore their environment without you needing to control their every step while they do so. It must ideally be used in open spaced environment with minimal exposure to city traffic or other dangers.

Through classic leash you can have some control over your dog’s movements. It allows you to pull your dog away from dangerous situations. It can also be used for training purposes. On the other hand, the retractable leash or the long leash has only one major role that is to provide freedom of movement to your pet.

Retractable leashes are convenient and dangerous

Retractable leashes allow your dog to explore their environment without your constant supervision. Instead of staying only 6 feet away from you in a traditional leash, in the retractable one they can easily explore the park at their pace while you can walk behind sedately and leisurely. You can also choose the desired length by pressing the control button and use it as a normal leash as well when you are within the city.

Retractable leashes can also be dangerous as it can allow accidents to happen. Children can come near your unprepared dog or other dogs may run into your pet which can trigger aggressive response in your pet and you may not be able to control their leash at that moment, thereby leading to accidents.

Apart from this you can even drop the retractable leash by mistake and your dog can cut loose and run wild. Appropriate leash training cannot be achieved with the retractable leash which can lead to other behavioural issues.

What’s the verdict? Classic leash or retractable leash?

The classic leash has a tremendous advantage over the retractable leash. It’s definitely the ideal choice for walking your pet. It does not pose any danger to your pet and allows you to have full control over your pet’s movement.

Retractable leashes must be used only in open spaces like parks, estates or fields where there is very little chance for your pet to run into unwanted dangers in the form of other dogs, children or cars. It is strictly not for city use nor should it be used when other dogs are around. If you still prefer the retractable leash then you must be fully aware of where you are taking your dog and must carefully monitor them.

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