Why does my dog shake? Is it out of fear?

Dogs are very smart animals. They rely on their senses and body language to communicate their needs and wants. The problem is that we humans depend on verbal than body language to communicate and this is why we cannot understand certain behaviours of our canine buddies.

Shaking and trembling is one behaviour that is quite commonly noticed in most dogs. But what compels them to tremble so?

An efficient blow-dry

Have you ever wondered why your pet shivers as soon as you give them a bath? Dogs that tremble when they get wet shake off more than 70 percent of water on their coat within four seconds. This is definitely a faster and a more effective way of drying their fur than making do with brisk towelling or blow dry.

To shake off stress          

Shaking is not limited to only wet dogs. Dry dogs can shake too. If your pet trembles for no apparent reason then they may be doing so to relieve tension. Shaking is a symptom of stress in dogs. When your pet shakes during and after examination by a vet or when they meet a stranger, they may be doing so to release tension.

Dogs can even shake after a hug. This is because most dogs do not enjoy being hugged. So, learning to understand the symptoms of stress in your pet will definitely help them to feel more comfortable.

Shivering and trembling

Pups can shiver when they feel cold and even they are upset. Some toy and terrier breeds shiver more than other dogs. This can be due to anxiety, fear, cold, pain or muscle weakness. If you observe your pet shaking for no obvious reason, its best you take them to the vet as soon as possible to ensure its not a serious problem.

Ear problems

Dogs can easily fall prey to ear infections. Breeds like the Cocker Spaniels, Basset Hounds, Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers are more prone to ear infections. The most common symptom of ear infection is head shaking. So, if your pet has been given bath and is repeatedly shaking their head, it can be due to an ear infection. It makes good sense to wipe their ears dry after each wash.

If your pet continues to shake their head, has red and inflamed ears or has an ear discharge then you must have them professionally checked by the vet.

Now that you understand why your canine pal shakes, you can accordingly help them to get warm, feel safe and give them the extra pampering that they crave for or get them the treatment for an ailment at the right time. It’s all a matter of perception!

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