Why do dogs love bones?

Is your dog watching you eat meat with hungry eyes? They are impatiently waiting for you to throw them bones from your plate! Once you give them a bone they will blissfully polish away the scraps of meat attached to it and will crack the bone open to chew on the marrow. They will then spend a lot of time quietly chewing on the bone even though there is noting left. But what makes our canine friends spend eons on chewing up bones into smithereens and apparently enjoy the process as well?

Bones play an important role in the evolution of carnivores. Herbivorous animals that fall as a prey to humans and even dogs should be on a good nutritional diet. A poorly fed animal will be low in nutrition thus leading to protein poisoning in the animal consuming the meat.

Bones are a good source of calcium and the morrow inside the bone is rich in fat. Marrow also has glucosamine and chondroitin that promote healthy bones and joints.  So, if the meat is of poor condition due to inadequate feed then the nutrition value of it can be increased by eating the fat that comes in the form of marrow. It is more of an instinct to survive that makes animals rush to the bones to get to the juicy marrow.

Dogs have strong jaws that make it easier to crush the bones and evolution and the survival instinct drives our four-legged buddy to work their way to secure the source of fat that is vital for their body.

Apart form being tasty, chewing bones also works as an exercise for the jaws and also helps to keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy and clean. Bones are also as good as toys as they keep your pet occupied and therefore are a good source of mental stimulation.

So, if you looking to give a piece of bone after reading this piece make sure that you have your vet’s approval and observe your pet closely so that they do not choke on small sharp pieces of the bone. You can also post your queries at www.tailslife.app.link/queries for further professional advice.

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