Golden Retriever – the friendliest dog

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about the very friendly Golden Retriever is the line from Randy Newman’s famous song, you got a friend in me. The Golden, is very loyal and have an outgoing personality.


The Golden Retriever was developed in Britain in the 1800’s. They were originally used as hunting dogs. But due to their sweet disposition, grace and agility they soon became people’s favourite choice as competition dogs and house pets.

Goldens make excellent hunting dogs, assistance and service dogs. They also serve as a guide dogs for the disabled, make good rescue dogs and tracking and scenting specialists. The Golden’s grace, agility and temperament make them a popular choice as a house pet.


The Golden Retriever Is an active dog who are not clumsy by nature but possess a personality that is alert, eager and self-confident. They are robust, well-endowed dogs with medium length coat that is usually in any shade of gold. Goldens have broad heads with wide and tapering muzzles. They have black snouts, brown eyes and hanging ears.

Size and weight

The males stand from 23 to 24 inches and weigh between 65 and 75 pounds. Females stand from 21.5 to 22.5 inches and weigh between 55 and 65 pounds.

Coat and colour

Goldens have a thick, water-resistant double coat. Some may have straight hair while others have wavy. They usually come in many hues of gold, right from the palest shade to the dark. As the dog turns older, their coat may become lighter or darker and their face and body may turn white.


The Golden Retriever is an ideal family companion. They are loyal, friendly, obedient, intelligent and playful. They are a good company for children as well as adults. They are excellent watch dogs but are pretty bad guard dogs as they are people friendly. Since Goldens need people, they are suited for large families.

Activity requirements

Like all dogs the Golden Retrievers need exercise. So, daily walks along with a game of fetch and catch will be enjoyed by them. They love outdoor activities like walking, running, swimming or playing the chase game with children. They are even tempered and do not need rigorous exercise. These dogs need big houses with open spaces and are totally unsuitable for apartments.


Goldens are very easy to train. Since they are people – pleasers they will do anything to gain their approval and make attempts to win themselves treats. This trait makes them an excellent choice for first time pet parents. The biggest problem with goldens are leash training. They should be taught the right way to walk while they are leashed from an early age, otherwise they will only pull at the leash.

Since they are so easy to train, they are the first choice for service and therapy dogs and have joined the police force as well, for assisting them in search and rescue and for sniffing drugs and bombs.

Behavioural traits

They are a highly social breed and if they are left alone for a long time, without enough exercise, will develop separation anxiety that leads to destructive chewing. Goldens are big time chewers, so give them plenty of chew toys and bones and keep them occupied till you return otherwise they will ransack your household!

The Golden Retrievers are extremely friendly and social. Their extrovert nature will make them popular in your neighbourhood. But, keep in mind that these dogs need large homes with open spaces for them to move around a lot rather that being cooped up in a poky flat. Train them to walk calmly by your side and ensure that they get used to not having you around most of the time and you have the most perfect dog in the world ever!

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