4 Ways your cat butt can tell you about their health

Poop discussions are always a big turn off. Yet, it is very important as it helps us to stay vigilant about a cat’s state of health. So, as important as poop is to determine the state of your pet’s health the place where it exits, that is the cat butt, is also equally important.

Here are a few things that you must be aware of while caring for your pet.

  • Cat butt dingleberries – It is very common to see pieces of faeces stuck to a cat’s butt, especially with a long-haired cat. To see the matter smeared onto your pillow or the sofa is definitely not a pleasant sight.

Dingleberries form when your pet’s poop is very soft and is more often seen in cats suffering from diarrhea. So, you might want to get them checked professionally by the vet.

To avoid the formation of the abhorred berries it is a good idea to have their excess fur trimmed. You can either do it yourself or take them to the vet for a quick ‘sanitary trim’.

  • Should you wipe your cat’s butt?

Cats are independent creatures who groom themselves on a regular basis. But should you give them a helping hand in cleaning their butt? Well, cats usually groom themselves without any help but there are certain cases where they will require your assistance:

  • Soft poop – If your pet’s poop is softer than normal it will stick to their bottom. Usually they will clean it themselves but thy might not be able to do a clean job, so a little help will be appreciated.
  • Overweight cats – It your cat is overweight it will not be easy for them to reach their butt to clean themselves. So, they will need your help. It might also be the right time for you to put them on a diet to lose those extra kilos.
  • Arthritic cats – Older cats that suffer from arthritis will not be able to bend to clean their butt. So, you might want to help them out.

Wiping the area with warm water on a soft cloth is the best way to clean your pet. Apart from this baby wipes or pet cleansing wipes can also be used.

  • Cat scooting – Does your cat wake up from their nap only to sit up and rub their butt on the floor? This is known as cat scooting which is a clear indicator that something is wrong with your pet. It can be anything from diarrhea to worms. If they continuously drag their butt on the floor then it’s time you took them to the vet and have them thoroughly checked.
  • Common health conditions associated with your cat’s butt – One common problem that you can observe with a cat’s butt is swollen anal glands. The anal glands are situated on both sides of the anal opening. They secrete a scent which coats the poop and is used for marking purpose. Normal faeces that comes from the rectum puts enough pressure on the anal glands to release the scent. But if the poop is too hard or soft then it will not be able to release the scent from the anal gland. Once they stop doing so, the glands get swollen and get uncomfortable posing more problems for your pet. If you notice your pet licking their butt or appearing uncomfortable then it might be a good idea to consult your vet.

You can also see wriggling things in your cat’s poop. If you do notice it then you must take your pet to the vet and have the issue resolved. They are most likely worms that hang out in the exit area, more so if the problem is in an advanced stage. Anything odd that you might find hanging out of your cat’s butt or their poop must be shown to your vet and quick action must be taken.

Who knew that a cat’s butt says so much about their state of health? Now that you know, you might as well keep a close watch on them and stay informed about their health.

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