5 Things that your puppy cannot live without

If you are new to pet parenting you will undoubtedly find the first few months with your cuddlesome puppy a challenging task. So, before you decide to bring home your newest family member make sure you puppy proof your home apart from equipping your place with things that they absolutely cannot do without!

If you are wondering what are the things that your puppy requires, we have the list!

  1. Puppy food – To enhance and support a puppy’s growth and development, puppy food have a higher composition of fats, protein, calcium, phosphorous and chloride as compared to adult food. You must consult your vet before starting a particular diet for your pup. It is necessary that you do so as certain large breeds can develop painful bone issues if they are put on a diet that is high on calcium and phosphorous.
  2. Dog toys – It is not necessary for you to lose your favourite pair of shoes or bemoan about damages done to your invaluable furniture. Just get your puppy a set of chew toys for them to grind their teeth on! If you catch your pup making off with a pair of shoes firmly reprimand them by saying ‘no’ , take it away and instead give them a chew toy.
  3. Dog crate – A dog crate is very helpful as it serves as a place for your pup to rest apart from being a perfect place for them to start toilet training. Make sure the crate accommodates your pup’s size perfectly up to adulthood. For extra comfort go for the ones that have a soft crate pad.
  4. Grooming supplies – Grooming supplies are essential to keep your pet clean and healthy. The lists of items to include in your pet’s grooming kit are: a comb, nail clipper, dog shampoo and toothbrush. Regular brushing of your pup’s coat will ensure it stays clean, shiny and healthy. Brushing your pet’s tooth and practicing oral hygiene will keep periodontal diseases at bay. If you find it difficult to brush your pet’s teeth then give them dental chews and toys.
  5. A Veterinarian – A vet is the right person to guide you in giving the best care for your furry buddy. He or she helps you to take important decisions as regards to vaccinations, sterilization and in formulating an appropriate diet and exercise regime for your pet. So, regular trips to the vet are a must for your pet’s good health and well being.

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