When should you board your DOG?

Dogs enjoy outdoors more than indoors naturally. Your home becomes his/her haven over time.  This haven can get disturbed easily with various kinds of human activity. Get your dog accustomed to a good dog boarding kennel where they can be happy, relaxed and safe when your home has unexpected stress for your dog.

Here are some situations that can stress your dog at home:

1) Travel: Depending on someone else to take care of your dog in your house is not the best option always. A good boarding kennel will cater to ALL your dog’s needs and provides safety.

2) Function and guests:  Celebrations at home involving guests, long active hours, more than usual sound and light trigger stress instantly.

3) Festivals:  Fire crackers during Diwali and New year’s is extremely dangerous for your dog. Apart from causing stress, dogs tend to get lost during such festivals. Find a quiet and safe dog boarding kennel in the outskirts of your city.

4) Exams: When your children need more attention than anything else at home. Better to board your dog than making them feel ignored.

5) Renovation: Needless to say painting, carpentry, gardening etc at home will send your dog into a territorial madness or put him/her at risk of consuming something they shouldn’t. Dogs are known to lick poisonous chemicals because of their unusual smell. Leaving your dog in a boarding center is  a responsible decision in such situations.

6) Car sickness: If your dog is car sick, he might not be able to enjoy the drive as much as you do. Instead of forcing the dog to go on a holiday with you, gift him a holiday instead. Many dogs welcome the change and enjoy their stay at a boarding center that offers space for them to play and good food.

7) Space constraint at home: Dogs need exercise to stay happy and healthy. If you live in an apartment and you go to work during the day, your dog might not get enough exercise. In such situations, choosing day care for your dog might help where he will get to play leash free supervised.

There are quite a few Boarding centres across the city to choose from, Do also consider Pawse Boarding next time you are going to board your DOG.

Pawse is a secluded dog boarding center located amidst suburban greenery of Yelahanka. Their quarter acre facility includes large kennels with runs designed as per international kennel standards, huge outdoor and indoor play area, socializing space for dogs and their parents and a grooming unit.



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