Avoid Otitis, clean your dogs’ ears now

Like human beings ear hygiene is important for dogs as well. Regular cleaning of ears minimizes the risk of ear infections. Dogs often suffer from a common ear disease called “Otitis”, for which uncleaned ears are more prone. Cleaning of ears in every month is recommended. As ears are delicate organs, utmost care should be taken while cleaning the ears to avoid any kind of injuries. Dirt accumulates rather fast and can lead to an infection, especially with floppy-eared canines

Procedure :

You can use a cotton ball or a forcep to clean the ears. If using the forcep then wrap the top of forcep with clean cotton. Restrain the dog properly. Adjust the light so the ear canal is clearly visible. Introduce the forcep gently in either of ear and rotate it over the inner surface of ear canal with gentle pressure so the waxy secretion with other dirt can be removed. Repeat the procedure for other ear.

The rotating should be done in clockwise manner. 3-4 rotations are enough for one ear. The cotton should be changed for every use of forcep. Avoid deep insertion of forcep which may cause injury to the ears and bleeding may occur. Ear cleansers are recommended to clean the ears. 3 to 4 drops of cleanser should be put in the ears first and then the cleaning can be done with the forcep as usual.

Clean cotton balls without forcep can be used for pups. Ear should be plugged with cotton while bathing the dog. Different ear drops are also available in market if any infection is there. 

Don’t forget to give your mutt lots of affection and treats when you’re done!      

Pet Care tips by Pratik Deshpande,
Veterinary Doctor, Maharashtra


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