Can dogs eat spinach?

Spinach or palak are a type of greens that most people would dearly love to skip, unless it comes in the form of pakodas or palak paneer. We do know that greens are rich in iron, calcium and other nutrients but can they be given to our canine friends?

Dogs are basically carnivorous animals. But if they are not given enough meat they will eat vegetables. Since vegetables are high on nutrients and low on calories it makes it a sensible choice for treats or as an accompaniment to a dish.

Spinach contains a good amount of Vitamin A, B, C and K. It also has antioxidants, iron, roughage and beta carotene. All these nutrients promote overall health. So, giving your pet spinach in small amounts will help them to get their dose of these powerful nutrients.

On the flipside though, making your dog consume large portions of spinach can cause excessive damage to their health. It may cause kidney damage, muscle weakness, abnormal heart rhythms or even respiratory paralysis.

Feeding your pet a small portion of spinach occasionally can cause no harm. The ideal way to serve spinach to your furry buddy is to have it steamed. Boiled spinach will be devoid of its nutrients and raw spinach can cause a digestive upset. So, the best way is to serve it steamed and without any spices, herbs, oil or garlic. Always remember to chop the spinach before you serve it to them as their digestive tract cannot break down vegetables the same way ours does.

If your dog’s kidney is healthy and well-functioning you can serve them spinach occasionally and in small amounts. However, it is a good idea to consult the vet before you plan to include spinach to your dog’s diet. They will be a better judge in helping you decide if your dog can or cannot eat spinach.

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