Can dogs eat tomatoes?

Dogs love to get a bite of our food. They just cannot resist eating butter chicken or a small chunk of a pizza with ketchup! While it is never good to feed your pet titbits from your meal, its nonetheless unavoidable. Some foods however do not pose any harm if they are given once a while as occasional treats and tomatoes are one among them.

Tomatoes belong to the nightshade family of vegetables. This means that they contain a few components that can prove to be quite fatal to animals, like solanine. Solanine is found in the green parts of the tomato, which are the green tomatoes, stem and leaves. In dogs, it causes serious health risks when they are consumed in large quantities.

Ripe tomatoes are completely safe for canine consumption but have to be eaten in moderation. Never give unripe tomatoes to your pet as it can cause an upset stomach. If you have a tomato plant in your garden it is a good idea to have it fenced or the pot shifted to an area that your pet cannot reach. It will probably save your pet’s lives and not to mention the longevity of your tomato plant!

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