Can cats see ghosts?

Why do cats stare at an empty space for a long time? They even arch their back and hiss at it when they feel threatened! Well, if you are a firm believer of the afterlife and the paranormal you cannot help thinking that your cat must have seen something or someone that is not visible to you. Before you get spooked, here are some scientific facts to help you decide if your cat can or cannot see ghosts.

It’s a well-known fact that cats have a powerful vision. They can see very well in the dark. Cats also have a wider field of vision than humans and have a third eyelid to protect their eyes and keep it moist. While cats can see colours their eyes detect few colours which are the less brilliant ones than humans.

Another interesting fact to note is that cats can perceive light that humans cannot without the help of modern technology. A team of British researchers conducted a study on mammalian eyes, their findings state that cats are sensitive to and perceive ultraviolet light. So, this special ability to see ultraviolet light helps cats to not only smell but also to identify urine marking done by other cats the same way that forensic experts detect body fluids under a backlight. This just proves that cats can see things that are not visible to human eyes.

The next place is the cat’s brain, especially the pineal gland. It helps to regulate circadian rhythms which sets our sleep cycle, through the hormone called melatonin. Any changes in melatonin production is dependent on the amount of light available in a day. Although cats are domesticated they are still nocturnal creatures.

Rene Descartes, a French Philosopher in the 17th century, believed that the principal seat of the soul is the pineal gland. So, this concept of the ‘third eye’ where we must go beyond physical perception to delve into spiritual matters comes into play. Humans require lot of training and discipline to master this art. But do cats have the special ability to connect with the spiritual world particularly during the night is what we need to think deeply about.

Whether a cat can see a ghost or not is a debateable topic but you must keep in mind that they are able to see things differently from us and their brains work in wonderful ways that we humans are still to discover. So, if a cat is watching something that is not visible to us and if they are trying to alert us of their presence you should understand that they are trying to figure whether the situation is safe or not.

However, most of the times your cat may not be staring at ghosts but at you. So, if they go on staring all you need to do is to move slowly and blink your eyes to say that you are not a threat to them. But mostly your feline pal is staring at you with love and affection, appreciate them!

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