What temperature should cat food be served?

Is your cat turning away without tasting their food? Are you trying very hard to convince them to eat? If you think that you are well on your way in raising a picky eater then you are sadly not aware of one vital thing that is necessary while feeding a cat – the food temperature.

Yes, the temperature of the food plays a big role in its selection and palatability. Majority of the cats prefer their food at about 35 degrees centigrade. This not only makes the food appear appetizing but there are certain theories to support the fact that it closely matches the temperature of a freshly killed prey. Anything above 40 degrees centigrade or below 35 degrees centigrade will be rejected by cats due to its unpalatability.

The length of time that you can leave the food out uneaten depends on the room temperature. The thumb rule while serving cat food is to not leave it out for more than 20 to 30 minutes else the food turns stale.

If you are feeding your pet canned food then ensure that they are covered adequately and are refrigerated immediately after opening. Any uneaten food can be stored in disposable plastic cans or bags. If you need to heat it up, place them in a microwavable dish and just warm the food in a low setting. Warming the food to room temperature will make it not only smell good but taste great as well.

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