What’s in a pet’s name? ‘Your lifetime bonding, well-being and, hmm, a bit more …’

Bruno. Charlie. Daisy. MJ. Pluto. Rocky. Tom. Zoey.

Just throwing up some random pet names. Come to think of it, haven’t you named your pet with what popped up in your mind that very moment? Any idea whether your name is in perfect harmony with that of your dog or cat? If you are thinking WTF!, its time you pondered it over again.

“Every pet parent names her/his dog or cat based on some emotional connect or a favourite fictional – novel, cartoon or movie – character they adore. They don’t have other considerations while they name their pets. But then, no one can deny the fact that there is a constant transmission of energy between living beings – right from humans to dogs, birds and insects,” says Dr Sunil S Harlalkaa, a Mumbai-based vaastu and holistic energy consultant.

The numerology proponent specialises, among other aspects, in naming pets. No kidding! “The idea is to harmonise the energy between a pet parent and the pet. While it’s not easy to find out the date and time of birth of every pet, it isn’t that difficult to get the birth details of its master,” explains Dr Harlalkaa, “So, we go by your date and time of birth while suggesting names that are best harmonised for your pet and you.”

Let’s say that you are interesting in naming or renaming your pet. You just write in to the holistic energy consultant with their existing names and photos, apart from your birth details. He would then employ a device, called the Lecher Antenna, developed by an Austrian physicist to detect subtle energies through wavelengths. “With the analytical results, we can correlate both the data and arrive at a suitable name for your pet,” claims Dr Harlalkaa.

The consultant forewarns that when people are keen to name even the kennels, it’s important to get it right. “In astrology, some people aren’t supposed to raise certain pets; not even some colours. There are incidents that pets get injured randomly.” He alludes it to the energy in their living environment that causes it.

Ultimately, naming your pets based on your energy might, in Dr Harlalkaa’s words, determine the life and relationship you share with your pet.

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